History of the Oxford Congregation

In February of 1940, several members of the church in the Oxford area began meeting in a building located on Choccolocco Street. At that time the building was owned by the Christian church, so the members of the church of Christ would meet in the mornings before the services of the Christian church. The building later became Oxford City Hall.In April of that same year, a gospel meeting was held with Paul F. Edwards preaching. As a result of that meeting, twelve people were baptized. Soon afterward, about twenty-three families from the area and some from the 16th and Noble congregation in Anniston, began meeting upstairs over the old City Hall and Fire Station on Main Street (approximately where Oxford cleaners is today).

This group of about fifty members then began plans for a new building on Choccolocco Streetエラー. The building was completed in June of 1944ダイヤモンド ピアス 一粒ダイヤ K18 0.4ct SIクラス H-I スタッド 一粒ダイヤモンドピアス ダイヤモンドピアス ダイヤピアス あす楽対応 18金 18K イエローゴールド 0.4 カラ. It served the congregation well for over 30 yearsカスパー・ダーヴィト・フリードリヒ 日の出に立つ女性 P30サイズ P30号 910x653mm ※個人宛配送・代引不可※絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 カスパー・ダーヴィト・フリードリヒ, but due to the growth of the membershipLIXIL/リクシル 【INAX】J1HT-755S(8)YN/YD2H 化粧台 片引出し取っ手レスタイプ 寒冷地仕様 (ウェンゲチャコール), a new building was erected on Hamric Driveスワロフスキー SWAROVSKI フィギュア 5004639 TUTELARY SPIRIT, LOVING MAGPIES【楽ギフ_包装】.


The congregation began worshiping at the new building on September 18fantoni ファントーニ ワゴン GFワゴン チェスト キャビネット デスクワゴン サイドワゴン オフィスワゴン デスク下 収納 整理 整頓 ペントレー オールロック ストッパー付き 3段 キャス, 1977460ベンチ型移動用エレメンツ4段セット プレミアム 910×H1980. The building on Choccolocco Street was purchased by the city to house the Oxford City Library玉川岩盤浴マイナスイオン遠赤シリーズ 玉川岩盤浴スーパーマット(全身用).

Over the years that followed, the church at Oxford has been instrumental in helping to establish several congregations. For example, the Logan Martin church of Christ near Pell City and the Montezuma church in Montezuma, Georgia, were started with the help of the church at Oxford. Some initial groundwork was also done in Vienna, Georgia.

In other countries the Lord’s work has also prospered through the efforts of the Oxford church. The Roadtown church of Christ in Roadtown, British Virgin Island was established. For over fifteen years a missionary family was sponsored in Cameroon, West Africa. Through this work, under the direction of the elders at the Oxford congregation, many native preachers were trained and numerous churches were started in the villages of Kumba in Cameroon. Since 1995, another missionary family has worked under the direction of the Oxford church on the Caribbean island of Curacao. That work continues to grow.


Oxford Christians are very active in attending area gospel meetings, singings, youth services, and other special events, so in 2009 we purchased a bus (pictured), to better equip us in supporting faithful area works. This is in addition to a van we have used for several years.

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